April Newsletter

As the world is blooming again and we are welcoming spring, we want to take a moment to share the story of an alumni of SFCC, Claudia Cruz. Claudia speaks about her challenges and successes during her educational journey at SFCC and beyond. Read all about it below.

Success for many students in higher education can mean nothing to them if they do not believe they are smart, capable, and worthy of their achievements. Fortunately, Claudia Cruz has found a way to embody these feelings and succeed with help from Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) and Santa Fe Community College Foundation (SFCCF).

From a young age, Claudia knew she wanted to do great things. She also wanted to help people in a way that stimulated her mind. The medical field seemed like the perfect fit.

When Claudia started at SFCC, she knew she had knowledge and drive but felt unsure of her ability to thrive in college due to working two jobs and juggling family responsibilities. This changed when she received scholarship help from SFCCF. This kind of support helped her to realize that going to college was realistic for her.

SFCCF gave Claudia the kind of community support that any student might need. Claudia was able to make “connections with community members to learn more about nursing and has taught other students what she learned,” proving that she was more than capable of empathy, kindness, patience, and open-mindedness.

Learning for Claudia spanned out of the classroom, through teaching and working, she felt the importance of “always giving back.” She knows what it takes to succeed and has advice for other young women pursuing higher education. She “encourages everyone and anyone to pursue higher education, no matter your circumstance.”

Claudia graduated from SFCC with an associate degree in nursing. She currently works as a nurse and is getting a master’s degree to become a nurse practitioner. She does this all while being a part-time nursing faculty member at SFCC.

Claudia is here to say that “you can succeed, you can work hard, and you are worthy.” The successes that Claudia accomplished play a role in her advice for students at SFCC, saying “No matter what your situation is, you deserve support, community, and an education. “

With the support from donors like you, Claudia has gone further than she thought she would and is now in the position to give back to the community and continue her education further. Many students rely on the assistance from the Foundation to make education possible. When you contribute to the Foundation, you are propelling the future generation ahead, just like Claudia.

Kelly A. Marquez, MBA
Executive Director