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Minimum criteria that must be met for all scholarships:

  • GPA (2.5 or higher)
  • Completion Rate (67% or higher)
  • Satisfactory Academic Status
  • Enrollment (6 credit hours or higher)
  • FAFSA on file
  • Completed Financial Aid file
HispanicSingle Mother

Hilda Rush

Hispanic, single mother.

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Single Mother

Lucile June Peters Annual

Single mother.

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Santa Fe County graduate

I Have a Dream Foundation

Graduate of any High School in Santa Fe County.

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Allied HealthMedical AssistingNursingRespitory

David Brenner Annual

Respiratory Therapy, Nursing, Allied Health, & Medical Assisting majors.

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Earl Mustian Sr. Memorial

Woodworking or Nursing student.

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Full-timeSingle parent

Eugene and Jane Petchesky

Full-time; single parent.

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William L. Donnelly Sr. Memorial

Pre-Engineering, Science, or History major.

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Hispaniclow-incomeSingle Mother

Domanica Foundation Presidential Title V

Single Mother; Hispanic or low-income student.

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Gould Family Presidential

Photography student.

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