Clearing the Path

Santa Fe Community College Foundation is fortunate to have such wonderful and generous community members like you who want to help reduce the obstacles that stand in the way of our students. Students often tell us finances are the number one obstacle to their success. They need flexible funds that they can use for things like housing, gas, food, childcare, etc.

“I am only making 600 dollars every two weeks with work study at SFCC and I am barely scraping by to be able to pay my rent of 950 dollars, phone bill, internet, gas, food and household necessities. I am in a lot of debt because I do not have medical insurance and have not been able to even make monthly payments. It has been extremely difficult for me to be able to pay for everything.” 

– A SFCC student’s ask for The Student Emergency Assistance Fund

Our students come from all walks of life with diverse backgrounds and different circumstances that can make finishing their education difficult but together, we can raise the aid needed to have a massive impact on their lives. 

Let’s clear the path to graduation for our students. Your donation is an investment in a student, an investment for our community, and an investment for the future. Your donation today will help make a real difference in the lives of our students now and tomorrow!

Contribute to SFCCF

Ever grateful for your philanthropy,

Kelly A. Marquez, MBA
Executive Director