June Newsletter

Photos courtesy by HRA

Pride Month: Our Partnerships that support LGBTQIA+ students

As we celebrate Pride Month, we want to acknowledge the rich history of LGBTQIA+ rights in New Mexico. Supporting queer youth at SFCC is important any time of the year, but especially during pride month. Financial support from partner organizations that believe in the leadership, values, and identity of LGBTQIA+ students is invaluable. 

Through our work at the Foundation, we are able to connect with organizations and donors to bring scholarships to students and assist in their overall success. All the contributions we receive give students a step up to reach their educational and career goals.

We want to spotlight two organizations that have positively impacted our students: Human Rights Alliance and Synàkos Foundation. Both of which have done tremendous work in supporting our students. We also included some FREE events going on in Santa Fe to celebrate Pride Month.

Human Rights Alliance (HRA)

The HRA is an organization in Santa Fe that aims to “educate, engage, encourage, and celebrate LGBTQIA+ inclusion, pride, and acceptance for all people.” The organization was founded in 1993 in response to Senate Bill 91, civil rights legislation for lesbians and gay men, being defeated. HRA organizes the Santa Fe Pride Festival and youth pride every year. They also support the Santa Fe community by creating meaningful dialogue, building diverse communities, advocating for legislation, and nourishing meaningful relationships with allies. HRA cares deeply about the community they serve and has a vested interest in protecting and uplifting youth in Santa Fe. They support the identities and efforts of queer youth in New Mexico, which in turn, creates leaders of change.

Photos courtesy of HRA

More than organizing Pride Santa Fe, the HRA awards the Human Rights Alliance Endowed Education scholarship at SFCCF to hardworking students every year. This kind of support and outreach to SFCC students reaches far beyond financial assistance, it gives community and emotional support. When a student gets support from an organization that believes, supports, and advocates for their identity, a student is able to make an impact on their community through school.

The Synàkos Foundation

The Synàkos Foundation is a small family foundation established in 2017. Having spent sixteen years in Santa Fe, its officers have deep ties to New Mexico and Santa Fe Community College. They highly value the positive learning environment and personal connections that distinguish SFCC from its peers.

Synàkos Foundation partnered with SFCCF to support students through an endowment. They donated $50,000 towards student scholarships and financial aid. The grant is for a physical sciences scholarship intended to help Hispanic and/or low-income students. 


Santa Fe Community College Foundation has partnered with both the HRA and the Synàkos Foundation to bring students Title V endowments which provide much-needed financial support to Hispanic and/or low-income students. Synàkos Foundation endowment was created in 2023 as part of our 2019-2024 Title V grant at $50,000 matched 1:1 for a total of $100,000. The Santa Fe Human Rights Alliance LGBTQ Student Title V Presendential endowment was created in 2016, and has supported 9 students since 2020. Currently, there are 64 Title V endowments which first began in 2000.

Celebrate Pride Month At These Events!

We curated this list of FREE events going on throughout Santa Fe this month! We hope you have a wonderful time enjoying all the great activities available.

Thank you for your unwavering support of our students at SFCC! During Pride Month and beyond, together, we are creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone, regardless of their background or financial situation.

Kelly A. Marquez, MBA
Executive Director