Philanthropy in Action

The Santa Fe Community College Foundation is proud to provide:

Scholarships: SFCC awards more than 600 full-time, part-time, and special project scholarships every year on the basis of merit and need. Students use the funds to pay for tuition and textbooks.

Endowed Scholarships: We award more than 160 endowed scholarships each year. Thanks to these endowed funds from donors, SFCC’s retention rate is now 62%, well above the national average for community colleges, and we’re seeing more Hispanic students stay in school and graduate in higher numbers.

Nursing Scholarships: At just $4,000, our two-year nursing program is highly affordable for many students—but making it even more affordable for more students continues to be a priority. Since 2007, we have awarded more than 90 scholarships to nursing students for tuition, books, and general expenses. Eighty scholarships have been awarded for required background checks and 20 have been awarded to cover the cost of lab kits.

Sustainable Technologies Center: SFCC collaborates with local businesses to create tailored job training that is integral in building a local alternative energy industry. A $100,000 grant from Los Alamos National Laboratory supports cutting-edge training programs in environmental technologies, solar energy, green building systems, construction skills, and biofuels. SFCC provided the employee training necessary to get the Buckman Water Diversion Project up and running.


Campus Cupboard: If you don’t have enough to eat, it can be difficult to stay in school. Facing the choice between feeding your family and paying for textbooks, many students see no other option but to drop out of college. The SFCC Campus Cupboard was established to alleviate this burden on our students. About 25 students visit the Cupboard each week; more than 200 students and 600 family members have benefitted from the program.

Kids Campus: Year-round childcare and education has been available at SFCC, for children up to age 5, since 1991. In 2012, our facility became known as Kids Campus in order to highlight our role in preparing children for a lifetime of successful learning. Kids Campus is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and maintains a Five-Star license with the New Mexico Children, Youth and Families Department. Parents or guardians do not need to be associated with Santa Fe Community College to enroll their children in Kids Campus.

Matching Funds: In 2014, in celebration of the college’s 30-year anniversary, the SFCC Foundation has received support that allows us to match every dollar raised through the foundation. In 2014, $50 donation becomes $100; a $500 donation becomes $1,000, and so on.

Other programs—Contract for a Better Tomorrow (CBT) and the U.S. Department of Education’s Title V Program for Hispanic and low-income students—make it possible for the SFCC Foundation to provide donors with 1:1 matching funds. CBT, serves low-income students by making money available for emergencies, tuition, and books, and allows students who work part-time while enrolled at SFCC to take more classes and reduce work hours by rewarding them financially for doing well in their classes. The Title V Program provides matching funds to create endowed scholarships for Hispanic and low-income students—the only Federal program with this focus.

Endowment: We manage the SFCC Foundation endowment carefully, aiming to provide as many scholarships as possible for current students while maintaining and growing the funds to provide scholarships for future generations of Santa Feans.