Create a Scholarship
(translation: you do good forever)

You will change lives every year. Your endowed fund makes it possible for eager students...who cannot otherwise swing the more ahead with a great education for a well-paying career.

Please know: your endowment doesn't have to be large. A $10,000 endowment generates $500 in scholarship annually...and often just that small extra amount will make all the difference for a low-income student. Really.

By the way, endowment is permanent...and it's always growing, thanks to annual reinvestment. It's a great way for you to establish a permanent legacy that will do more good every year...guaranteed. By the way, exactly the same kind of endowment has been pumping out scholarships for over 750 years, at the University of Oxford.

There's a saying in Higher Ed: the school with the largest endowment wins. Your endowment can go far to help SFCC win the race for best students, best faculty, best facilities and best education.

Read for yourself why others have set up endowed scholarships to honor family, friends and people they admire.

Thank you so much, wonderful SFCC donors! See a list of donors here.

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